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----- Vatican City ---------------

This was my second time visiting the Vatican. I had never thought that I would return here, but since we had people with us that never have visited here I came back. This time on my trip I decided to see another side of the Vatican that I had not seen before. I went up to the duomo to view the entire Vatican grounds. I must say that they are quite beautiful. It's like a little paradise back here within the high walls keeping intruders out. Visiting the Vatican requires a must see visit to the museum. Since I had already visited it, and since the travel noobs with me didn't care to see it, we skipped it.

It would have been nice to visit the backside of the Vatican, but being the most secretive state in the world, admittance would not be allowed. The only way we had to view the backside of the Vatican was from perched up above on the duomo.

When at the Vatican I tried to get the elusive Vatican Euro. I currently am trying to collect all the 1 Euro coins from all the European countries including the microstates. Unfortunately, no office, shop or anyone in the Vatican knew where to get one. Finally, I was told to cross the street outside the Vatican where some shops had them. Upon visiting the shops I came to find out that the Vatican Euros were only available in a collector's set for 150 Euros. I don't want the set that bad so I passed on it.

Side entrance to Vatican

Fountain in St Peter's Square

Gabe & Maritza at the Duomo

Back area of St Peter's Basilica

Candles above lower entrance

Emblem between pillars

Playboy and Vatican have grottos ;)

Grounds in the back of the basilica

Buildings among the gardens

Vatican guard

Inner dome of St Peter's basilica

Supposedly the grave of Peter

Grandiose pillars of St Peter's square

Gabe and I in front of the basilica

People mingeling in the square

Monument by the fountains

Shot of St Peter's basilica

St Peter's square as seen from Duomo

Swiss Guard stationed at his post

Beautiful shot of vatican at sunset

Overlooking the Vatican museum

Isaac imitating statue

Skeleton - Time runs out for all men

Grand statue

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