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----- Copenhagen, Denmark ---------------

I had never really planned on visiting Denmark. I only decided to come here as when I was visiting Sweden I needed a way to fly to Paris. EasyJet a low cost European airline has direct flights from Copenhagen to Paris. I paid only $40 for my ticket, which is much faster and cheaper than taking a train all the way. As I was in southern Sweden, Copenhagen was closer then traveling back to Stockholm. Plus, visiting Copenhagen would be a new experience for me as I had never been here. Plus, there were some sights that I wanted to see here.

I must say that Denmark is a very expensive country to visit, just like Sweden. Actually, all Scandinavia is very expensive. I had to get a completely different currency as Denmark is not on the Euro. My stay here was brief indeed. I arrived by train in the morning and left then next afternoon for Paris. My afternoon in Copenhagen was interesting I must say. There was a soccer match between Denmark and Norway so the streets were filled with soccer fans sporting their jerseys, reveling in the excitement of the game being played on this day. I tell you, these people sure do drink a lot. Restaurants were full of tall blond Nordic people singing, chanting and drinking beer like an athlete drinks Gatorade. It was entertaining to be mingling my way through all the crowds and experiencing the buzz and excitement of the fans. Tables at restaurants were completely filled with jugs of beer with little to no space available for food. It was quite funny indeed. At least they were all happy drunks. I didn't see any fights breaking out.

Another sight that I wanted to see in Copenhagen was the famous Little Mermaid of Copenhagen. This little statue of a mermaid staring out to sea draws millions of spectators annually. I walked here through a park with a beautiful St Alban's church and the large Gefion fountain of a woman driving her bulls pulling her chariot in a fury. When approaching the Little Mermaid statue I was amazed by just how small it actually was. The mermaid sits upon on a small rock just off the shore sadly looking out to sea. Evidently, the Disney movie is taken from the story behind the statue.

I had seen some other palaces and other sights on my brief stay here. The weather was only cooperative while seeing the little mermaid which was nice, but generally the weather was cool, cloudy and rainy much of the time on my short stay here.

Windfarms on the Baltic Sea

Star Wars at the train station

Colorful Copenhagen buildings

Beers drunk by 2 Norweigans at 10 am

Canals of Copenhagen

St Alban's church

Gefion Fountain

Little Mermaid of Copenhagen

Yes, the mermaid is small

Palace in Copenhagen

Buildings at Castle Rosenborg

Beautiful Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle up close

Beer guzzling soccer fans

Beautiful spires adorn Copenhagen

People at Amagertorv square

Monument in front of palace

Norweigan and Danish soccer fans

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