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----- Corfu, Greece ---------------

I had visited Corfu, Greece back in 2008 with my friend Tomas. This was one of my favorite locations that I had visited in all of Greece. Corfu is a beautiful island on the extreme northwest of Greece looking across the narrow channel into the remote country of Albania. Albania is one country where I do not know of anyone who has visited. Anyway, Corfu is an amazing island. I would love to come and stay longer here. I had a short day here, so I did not get to see as much as I would have liked. I did return to Paleokastritsa which I loved on my previous trip, and I made the effort to go cliff diving at the Grotta Bar that I visited last time. The water was cool, but amazing. It was so clear, and no one was here. I had the place to myself except for the bar owner and one woman who finally came down after I had finished swimming.

I had wanted to schedule some time to drive to Peroulades, a spectacular spot on the northwest side of the island. The place is known for its pastel colored cliffs and beautiful waters. Check it out on the internet, you will find it is amazingly beautiful. However, time just did not allow it. I spent too much time relaxing at the Grotta Bar that I lost track of time. The bar owner told me Peroulades is an hour drive, and that I didn't have time to make it. I was extremely frustrated. I blame it however on the captain of the cruise ship as he was well over an hour late getting us into port. Actually, he was late EVERYWHERE. Every location we went to we never received the amount of time stated on the cruise itinerary. Very frustrating!!

The only thing I had time to do in my remaining time in Corfu was to visit the town and do some exploring of the old city. It was nice, but short. If I ever make it back to this enchanting island, I will have to ensure I visit Peroulades first.

Country of Albania in distance

Corfu off of the starboard

Turquiose waters of Ionian Sea

Rugged landscape of Corfu

Return to Paleokastritsa

Beautiful scenery from Grotta Bar

Corfu fort in distance

Mom walking along sea wall

Old man relaxing in Corfu town

Beautiful plants along sea wall

Stately building and courtyard

Quiet and empty walkway

Looking down to Grotta Bar

Lovely weather in Ionian Islands

Me cliff diving at Grotta Bar

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