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----- Slovenia ---------------

When in Trieste, Italy I was amazed by the lush green hilly scenery of this remote side of Italy hugging the Slovenian border. Knowing Slovenia was only a couple of kilometers away, I wanted to venture over to this little country that I knew little about. While in Trieste, I learned of a trip into Slovenia that takes you to the famous Postojna caves. I love spelunking and traveling to new places so I on a whim jumped on this unplanned side trip. I was glad I took this trip as the ride into Slovenia was quite beautiful. Slovenia is a beautiful country of forests, hills, mountains and fertile valleys. Being that I was traveling in Slovenia in October, I was here for the changing of the colors in the leaves. I could see colors ranging from yellows, oranges, reds and yet some trees still had green leaves. It was a beautiful sight.

After an hour and a half drive, we made it to Postojna caves, just off the main highway. The caves are very interesting to visit for many reasons. First, the cave system is very deep, being one of the longest cave systems open to the public in the world. Second, you have to take an electric train for over 2 kilometers down into the depths of the cave to get to the interesting sights. Third, there is an interesting lizard called the Olm lizard that lives in this cave. The lizard is truly unique as it is found only in Slovenia and the immediate surrounding region spanning southward. This lizard is blind and hardly moves it's whole life and has a lifespan equal to humans. The real interesting detail is that the lizard can go YEARS without eating and survive. I did see the lizard but could not get a good photo to post on my website. Better pictures can be found on the internet.

All in all, this was a cool cave to wander through, and we were there for a good couple hours. The cave was light nicely to show off many of the cool formations from the depths of the cave to the intricate stalactites, stalagmites and cool looking curtain stalactites. We had a guided tour that gave us a lot of interesting information.

Slovenia was worth the trip, and really I enjoyed this beautiful forested country.

Entering Slovenia

Lush scenery along highway

Rugged landscape

Lone wind farm

Beautiful countryside

Forested mountain

Slovenian village

Path leading to cave

Buildings at Postojna

Postojna hotel

Welcome to Postojna cave

Stream disappears into cave

Formations in the cave

Lighted path near exit

Mom and I at cave entrance

Lighted path at electric train

Path descending into cave

Deep in the Postojna cave

Intricate stalactites

Lots of stalactites and stalagmites

Cool variety of colors in cave

More cool cave formations

Entrance of Postojna cave

Light gives way to darkness

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