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----- Barbados ---------------

Barbados is a beautiful island with lush jungles, open fields, dramatic coastlines and beautiful beaches. When we arrived to Barbados we rented a car from some guy out in the country, no contracts, nothing... It was a little strange, but we agreed on a place to meet at the end of the day. We wanted to visit a beautiful coastal town on the east coast of the island called Bathsheba. En route we had to go up the mountain to reach the far side of the island. The drive traversed picturesque countryside with small villages and farms. We could see wide open fields with dazzling views of the sea in the distance. As they say half of the adventure is reaching your destination, which was true here. After navigating mountain roads and trying to figure out which way to go, we finally reached Bathsheba. This spot was gorgeous. We were greeted with beautiful clear blue skies, dramatic coastline with rugged rock formations eroded over the centuries leaving unique formations. The waves were constant, pushed by the steady trade winds.

We stayed here in Bathsheba for a little while enjoying the tranquil spot. Afterward we made our way to our second destination of the day, Crane Beach on the southeast corner of the island famed as one of the best beaches in the world from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. The beach had soft white sands with surrounding cliffs. On the beach I being the only one brave enough jumped off the cliffs into the raging water. I could see there were no rip tides here, and being a decent swimmer I went for it. The water was rough, but it was fun making the jump and the swim. I repeated this about 3 times, and then went back to the group to chill out for a bit. Crane Beach is definitely worth a visit if you come to Barbados and love white sand beaches, and so is Bathsheba if you like tranquil but rugged coastlines.

Junior, Vannie and Connie

Rough Atlantic waves

Junior, Vannie and me

Looking northward at Bathsheba

Looking southward at Bathsheba

Atlantic Ocean in the distance

Coastal road looking inland

Beautiful moutain meadows

Posing by the jungle

Long descending mountain road

Lush jungle of Barbados

Lonely country drive

Beautiful coastal Bathsheba

Jungle below us

Palms at Bathsheba

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