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----- Bonaire ---------------

Bonaire a small principality of the Netherlands has got to have some of the most amazingly clear and gorgeous water I have ever seen. The shifting hues of blues and greens in the bright midday sun is just like you would see in a travel magazine. The impressive clarity of the sea reveals coral, stones and sand over 100 feet below the surface of the water.

When we pulled into port we found a nice Dutch lady who set us up for a really cheap rate on a 4 seater truck that we could drive around the island. On Bonaire if you really want to get around, a car just won't cut it. Once you are out of town, the roads can be very rough which we personally experienced. Plus, driving on Bonaire is a challenge because the roads wind and are narrow so it is easy to get lost. We had spoken with some locals who advised us to go to this remote beach that they liked that was away from the crowds. We followed their advice, and headed up the northwest coast passing huge oil storage facilities. Upon arriving to this beach we found a few locals pulling huge fish out of the sea preparing to take to market. The place was isolated, and the buildings in the area were a little sketchy.

This abandoned place looked as if it were out of a horror movie. It was falling apart with all these small buildings or sheds and rooms. The smell was of death as well. We were a little creeped out because we didn't feel like getting our organs harvested. Plus, we decided to leave since the beach was rocky and not very nice. This advice from the locals on a recomendation... pretty bad.

After leaving here we went to 1000 steps dive site. This place was amazing. We were up on the cliff overlooking the beautiful Caribbean waters below us. We walked down the steps. All the girls laid out to tan, and all of the guys went snorkeling. The snorkeling was spectacular! There were scuba divers below us getting close ups of the coral. After setting off we traversed to the opposite side of the island to go to Lac Bay on the advice of a local. All I can say about Lac Bay is WOW! Amazing shallow water that goes for a mile only waist deep. People were learning to wind surf here as it is perfect due to the shallow waters and constant trade winds. This was a great way to finish our afternoon before heading to port. Once at port we went diving off the docks swimming in the crystal clear water... Yes, crystal clear water at the port.

Jr, Connie and Vannie at 1000 Steps

Rocky isolated remote beach

Beautiful waters above 1000 steps

Animals roaming free on Bonaire

Junior looking out to sea

Driving a rough remote dusty road

The amazing Lac Bay

Breezy afternoon at Lac Bay

Type of water we dream about...

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