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----- Grenada ---------------

Grenada the spice island is a very lush and mountainous island. We arrived into the bustling city of St Georges to find a taxi to take us to Annandale falls and to some other spots on the island. So many people tried hustling us to go with them asking exorbitant prices which is typical to do to American tourists. However we met some of our fellow brothers preaching with the carts in St Georges. What was great is that one of them James was from England and he was finishing his shift. He offered to call his friend, accompany us and take us around the island for an extremely cheap rate! So great to be part of an international organization where everyone is your friend!

James took us to some of the nicest spots. First he took us to a small spice shop where we learned how spices are harvested and prepared. This was an opportunity to pick up hard to find or expensive spices at a better price. Continuing on we did head up to Annandale falls where we watched locals jumping off the cliff. The landing in the water had such a precise spot that they tell visitors to not attempt it. A tourist had died the year before attempting the 40 foot jump. We did however all go for a swim enjoying the cool waters in the humid jungle. Next James took us up to a lake at the top of the mounting situated in a dormant volcano. The landscape was lush, and still wet from rains. The sun was out, and it was beautiful. The Chinese had invested much in the island, and built some small pagodas to rest at. It was very quiet and serene without tourists.

Later in the afternoon we descended the mountain to head thru St Georges to a beach looking across the water where we could see our ship. Before hitting the beach James took us to a roadside food tent offering local homemade cuisine. I had this fish in a broth that was put over rice in a bowl. We added some local hot sauce, and it was an amazingly delicious meal. It reminded me of my friend Reggie's cooking who is from the Bahamas. I love authentic Caribbean cuisine. The flavors are so rich and intense. Everyone had a great meal here and for a cheap price. Much better than a Hard Rock Cafe or a Senor Frogs definitely!

Our day in Grenada was really nice as we enjoyed spending time with locals, eating with locals and not being rushed. After finishing our day, we did some last minute grocery shopping in St Georges for a few things to take with us before setting sail to head to Barbados.

With the bros in St Georges, Grenada

Local and fresh cocoa and nutmeg

The spice man

Jungle river below the waterfall

Local jumping off the cliff

Beautiful Annandale Falls

Lake in the dormant volcano

Chinese built pagoda

Lush mountain landscape

Protect the monkeys!

Few of us at mountain lake

House up near the summit of Grenada

Vannie and Connie

Coastal town of Grenada

Views out to sea

Beach on south end of St Georges

Crowded streets of St Georges

Leaving the island at twilight

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