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----- The Bahamas ---------------

The Bahamas are a chain of subtropical islands just off the coast of Florida. Being so close they are an easy getaway for us Floridians. My sister Kerri, John the Brit, The Steve and myself decided to take a cruise to the Bahamas for a weekend trip. We sailed to Nassau and Coco Cay a private island. There really isn't much to do in Nassau unless you go to the Atlantis Resort. Atlantis is by far one of the coolest resorts I have ever visited. I did not add many landscape pictures of the resort since all those are on film and not digital. Atlantis is beautiful, but if you go on a cruise be prepared to get stopped before even venturing very far. They have guards everywhere to stop people on cruises from walking around. They will let you spend as much money as you want in the gift shops, casino, and restaurant, but entry anywhere else to see its beauty is forbidden. Do you think a little guard will stop me from getting in? Hardly! I managed to sneak my way in and get lots of pics to show my friends and have fun in the Mayan temple riding the water slides.

The one other island we visited was Coco Cay. Coco Cay is a private island for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. The island was great with nice beaches and plenty of things to do from jet skiing, to snorkeling, to eating to just relaxing in a hammock. For around $250 for a weekend trip with all you can eat, I highly recommend a cruise.

Atlantean artwork

Large fish swimming around

Peering into the lagoon

Cool Atlantean artwork w/ fish

Stingray swimming in the lagoon

Dark tunnel in Atlantis

Atlantis pic taken from underwater

Lots of underwater architecture

Steve, Kerri and John looking outward

Electric Eels swimming in vases

Huge jellyfish

Close up of a stingray swimming

Colorful buildings on Coco Cay

Beautiful blue waters of the Bahamas

Coco the Lizard on Coco Cay

A parade in downtown Nassau

Nice lounge waitress Corola

I told John not to touch Kerri!

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