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----- The Bahamas ---------------

I have visited the Bahamas on several occasions. One thing that I love about the Bahamas is the clarity and amazing blue hues of the ocean. Florida only 60 miles away is a completely different story when it comes to how clear the water is. In the Bahamas you can be in water over 60 feet and see the bottom of the ocean. In Florida you are fortunate if you can see 5 feet beneath the water's surface.

This trip was a quick weekend cruise to Nassau with a total of 10 of us. The cruise was with the Bahamas Celebration, and it was a joke. The reasons are just too long to list, and I don't feel like congering up bad memories. What made this trip amazing was the people. We all got along great and there was no drama. Well, at least I didn't experience any drama with anyone and I guess that's all that counts for me at least. :-)

In Nassau we hired a taxi driver with a van to haul us around town. We went to the fortress at the top of the hill in Nassau. Our guide explaining the fortress had like zero personality. We also walked down the Queen's stairs which is a pretty cool stairway with waterfalls descending alongside. Then we went to Paradise island to hang at the beach, rent jet skis and go tour Atlantis. Yep it was a good day, well, less the sunburn that is.

Our group at dinner

The ladies having lunch

Group pic at the fort

The crevice of the Queen's Stairs

Diego and Karina

All of us along the stairs

Hanging at the waterfall

Climbing the rock face

Lush plants and waterfalls

Cool architecture of Atlantis

Karina and Diego at a porthole

Atlantis from the old fort

Waterfalls at the entrance to Atlantis

Our group with Atlantis as a backdrop

Queen Keila on her lounge

Me with Miss Teen USA

Cool looking sting ray

Sting ray hiding in the sand

sting ray swimming along glass wall

Our group with Miss Teen USA

Cool underwater features of Atlantis

Rope and wooden bridge at Atlantis

Girls posing by the bulls

Afraid...but of what?

Staircase shot in the lobby

Underwater tunnel

Charlie's Angels pose at Atlantis

Interesting replica of ancient ruins

Keila sipping some vino

In the Bahamas Keila isn't underage

Looking down the Queen's Stairs

More ancient relics of Atlantis

The waterfalls of the Queen's Stairs

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