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----- Belize ---------------

Belize one of the smallest countries in Central America is home to the second largest coral reef in the world. Northern Belize is flat while the southern part of the country is mountainous. My trip in Belize was short. Although most people visiting Belize venture out to the reefs for scuba diving or snorkeling, I went into the jungle to view Mayan ruins. Living in South Florida I can snorkel in the keys, so I decided to do something unavailable in Florida.

In Belize, Reggie a long time friend and I visited the Mayan temples at Altun Ha located northwest of Belize City. After an hour drive through jungle and bumpy roads we reached the site. The temples were amazing. The temples all served purposes each dedicated to a different Mayan god like the sun god and moon god. The most well preserved and largest was the Temple to the Mayan God of the Sky. As with visiting any place new, you always find the most interesting things when your ready to leave. I would like to return to Belize and see some ruins in the southern edge of the country perched on top of the mountains and go cave tubing in the jungle.

Welcome to Altun Ha

Mayan face on the Sky God temple

Priceless jade was discovered here

Close up of a parakeet at Sky Temple

Me with the Mayan face

The plaza from top of Sky temple

Reggie at the Sky temple

Panarama of the Sky temple

Delivering my speech to nobody

Large tree between two temples

Temple of the Wind God

Custard apples a Mayan delicacy

Cyber (left), the most holy Mayan tree

Local jungle huts

Jeromi holding Jackass Bitters

Scene of everyday Belizian life

Photo op for me and the kids

Boa constrictor found along the road

Reggie with Belize City behind him

U.S. Embassy in Belize City

Sunset off the Central American coast

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