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----- Costa Rica ---------------

Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country. It is the most peaceful (no military) and stable country in the region thus being great for tourism. Costa Rica is unique in it's form of tourism. Costa Rica is not like many tropical locations with beaches jam packed with high rise hotels, but geared toward nature enthusiasts. Costa Rica is world reknown for eco-tourism. 12% of the country is national park and many areas are protected nature habitats. Costa Rica has an abundance of natural beauty ranging from beautiful beaches to pristine rain forests to active volcanos.

Upon arrival to Costa Rica I was amazed by how green it was. The plant life was very lush and rivers and streams could be found everywhere. Going to Costa Rica I had to visit the rain forest. I am just glad that we had lots of sunshine on our visit. We found a crew that took people on zip line tours through the rain forest canopy. This was a very uplifting experience for me and the other people with me. Some of the people we a little afraid and some even refused when they saw the height of the zip lines. For me NO FEAR.

The only regret that I had was not seeing more. I really would have liked to visit the volcanos in the central mountains of the country. Time for me did not permit and will warrant a future expedition to this vibrant country.

Coastal view from a distance

Taken from video of me in zip lines

The full panoramic view

Me with 2 of my tour guides

Lots of wild bamboo grow here

Beautiful Caribbean beach

Hornets nest near our platform

Large variety of jungle plants

Look close a lazy sloth hiding

Palm varieties dominate the jungle

Smoke burning in the distance

Bad shot of Reggie on the zip line

Reggie and I after our canopy tour

A local road where we broke down

Ready for the canopy

Jungle greens blend w/ ocean blues

Where we started our canopy tour

Beautiful jungle view w/ the sea

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