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I haven't updated much on my site in some time. It has been 5 years wow since I have updated what's new. Well I have done a lot in the last 5 years, but finding time to update my site is the challenge. In 2015 I took an extensive trip through the Carribbean, and 3 weeks ago I just returned from another trip to Europe and Africa. I will update my travels as I have time.


Wow, it has been a while since I added anything new. Guess nothing new happens in my life. :) Oh yeah, I did just get back from Europe again. Please do not hate, but enjoy my pictures as I will be adding them little by little.


This weekend I decided to go to the Portuguese assembly. Surprisingly I understood quite a bit. Knowing Spanish gives you a huge leg up in learning another Latin based language. It was a nice day. The attendance was about 900, so it was small but definately more intimate. I hung with a lot of friends during lunch, and then went with Euridis, Lasheena and Betinia to Chipotle for dinner. We were supposed to hit this Cuban restaurant, but it closed down. Afterward, it hit me. Why didn't I take them to South Beach to Tapas y Tintos for the Flamenco show since it was Saturday night? Doh! I thought of it while we were at Chipotle, and the ladies were bummed I didn't bring it up earlier as they were all down for it.

Looking good for camera

Assembly grounds

Hanging at lunch time

Dinner w/ the ladies


This weekend was the annual Food & Wine Fest at Epcot in Orlando. Friday night we had our last hurrah at Shari Sushi Lounge as my friend and owner has moved on to open another Sushi restaurant. We had the loft and a group of us filled it. The sushi was great but some of our friends weren't used to eating sushi. Good thing they served other goodies. Afterward we went out dancing at a bachata social, but I sure was tired as it was a long day.

The next morning we went to Epcot where Jennifer, Josh and myself met up with Katrina, Zoila, Erika and Bianca. It was very cold especially for early November. However, I had no complaints as the cold is better then the oppressive summer heat. The food was great. The countries that had the best food were Argentina and the sleeper hit Canada. Canada was actually my favorite even beating out Spain and France. Also Jon Secada was performing that night and the concert was good.

All in all it was a great weekend. The pictures I have below will be larger in my travels section under USA then under Florida.

Our group at dinner

The ladies

Me, Josh and Jon

Our Epcot group


According to my friend Beth, anything that happens in Fort Myers is not cool enough for me to put on my website for Whats New. Well Beth, just for you I'll announce that last Friday we had a party at your house. It was just as AWESOME as a weekend of indoor skydiving in Orlando or salsa dancing and swimming in South Beach. Seriously, it was a good time with a lot of good friends. One up for Beth arranging the party!


Vannessa, Dana, Sydney, Samantha and I jammed over to Miami for the weekend for a party and to just hang out over Memorial day weekend. We left Sat around noon and the party was on Sat night. We stayed there pretty late, and by the time we left and went to the place where we were staying for the night all the restaurants in the area were closed. Yes, even in Miami, well...we weren't in South Beach so yes, they were closed. We ended up venturing to the "Evil Empire" Wal-Mart to get some food. Talk about the freak show at Wal-Mart at 3 AM. Yikes! I knew we weren't in Kansas anymore!

The next morning we went to South Beach to hang, swim and eat. It was actually windy and very cool. It was such unusual weather for May! Over all it was a pretty cool weekend. We also had a great time at the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables. Check out the pics below.

Freaking out the residents

Cool Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool buildings

Cool tree covered streets


This last weekend was the VIP Shari party at An's restaurant in Orlando. Was a great weekend! Went to Shari for sushi on Friday, hit an assembly on Sat and hung out with friends and on Sunday An and I cooked homemade flatbread pizzas for lunch and went to Shari for the party. The had live music and spinning tracks in the upstairs VIP section. There was so much sushi and sake that they even had a lot of leftovers. The music was great and they sure had a lot of well dressed people. I loved the kimono on the Japanese woman attending! Very cool!

Before the party

Sake serving ladies

Guys rolling sushi

Table settings

Japanese woman in kimono

An and I


Today I just launched the redesign of Now we have a more current and stylish look!


Just got back from visiting my sister, Jeff and Grace. I haven't been to the snow in a long time. Most importantly I missed the little peanut and loved playing with her. Plus, it's always nice to get away even if its just for a long weekend.


There is this commercial on tv here in Fort Myers that is absolutely ridiculous! What was this person thinking who came up with this white trash ad? The ad is from Lisa the Leaser. The commercial is targeted towards low income families looking for a cheap home rental. Unfortunately this gives poor people a very negative image. Seriously, if I was looking to rent my house and Lisa the Leaser was sending people to me for a rental, I would lock my doors and say its been rented out already. Even if I took a loss and had to eat the rent, there is no freaking way I would ever rent to her customers. Check out the commercial for yourself at this link on YouTube

By the way to make it worse, my niece Grace is going everywhere singing the Lisa the Leaser rap that is taken from Ice Ice Baby EVERYWHERE she goes. It's so funny she will be in a supermarket and all of the sudden say "Pack your trash we're movin"! I just can't stop laughing!


Well today I sold my Mercedes and the Honda is getting a new owner too. Now I have 1 car to simplify things. I had test drove and examined so many cars, and only one stood above the rest. The new Lexus IS250. I love this car! My car payments are 1/3 cheaper, insurance is $60 a month cheaper, I get better gas milage (averaging 34 mpg on the freeway). Yes I'm getting better milage then posted on the sticker! The technology in this car is great even including air conditioned/heated seats (a plus in FL), it's stylish inside and out and has 4 doors. Very stylish yet practical! Now I have several friends that want one as well. I think Lexus should hire me in their PR dept.


Check out my Honda to the right. Yes, I got robbed! This pic looks like I live in South Central LA. My car is on freaking cement blocks for crying out loud! Some sorry loser actually stole my cheap rims off of my Civic. Not only did he steal my rims, but he busted my window, jammed my door lock, destroyed my key ignition so I can't start the car (evidentally trying to steal the car but was such an amateur and couldn't actually steal one of the most stolen cars on the market), and even stole my change tray and gas cap. What a loser is all I can say!


We just had Hurrican Wilma. I got out of town on a cruise ship with my sister, JJ, Jennifer, Samantha, and Samantha's mom Juliet and the cruise ship sat out in the Bahamas. We were getting hit with 20-30 feet waves and 100+ MPH winds. The sea was so creepy looking. It looked as if we were sailing into oblivion. Plus we were in the Bermuda Triangle. Amazing we didn't go missing! Surprisingly the ship was relatively smooth. All I can say is that it was better then being at home with no electricity.



I came up with a solution for New Orleans after the devestation of Hurricane Katrina. Forget fixing the levies and draining the city. Seriously this city is doomed to suffer this fate again due to the fact that its below sea level in a hurricane prone zone. My solution is keep the water and rename the city New Venice. Think about it the streets would be canals and you could have those little cajun guys in gondolas playing their trumpets.

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